Let us help you settle your debts with the IRS

Are you dreading debt collection from the IRS?

Don’t feel like you’re adrift in the open ocean anymore. Come on board with Bird & Fugal, Attorneys at Law, who will bring you to a safe harbor solution with the IRS that works most effectively for you in your specific financial situation.

Since 1988, Bird and Fugal has been rescuing people in Utah who have been drowning in debt.  We enjoy guiding you to a better financial plan and provide follow up services to see you through to safety, even after your initial paperwork is signed and submitted.

Know your options for settling your debt

  • Offer in compromise– a formal agreement in which the IRS accepts as payment in full a smaller amount based on your ability to pay.

  • Levy release– Tax levies hurt in many ways: they take money you need to pay ongoing business or household expenses, they damage credit and reputation, they can cause loss of business, bounced checks, account closures, etc.  In appropriate circumstances, we can help you get a levy released.

  • Installment agreements– If you don’t qualify for an offer-in-compromise, we can help you work out an installment agreement to give you a reasonable time to pay.

  • Discharge in bankruptcy– Income taxes may be discharged in bankruptcy if they are more than three years past due, the returns have been filed for at least two years, and they meet other requirements.  

If you can’t pay the full balance due to the IRS, call on us to carry you to a safe and effective resolution of your tax debts so you can get your life back without worrying about tax debt.